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For centuries the wealth of archeological final and great cultural heritage have attracted and continue to fascinate visitors and scholars from all over the world: then, when they are here, after the impressive sight of the majestic temples, they discover that nature around them is beautiful.
The scent of the famous roses delight them. The "Via Sacra", flanck by "Tabernae" and olenaders, crosses "Decumanus Maximus" leading the visitators to the Roman town. As soon as you are out of "Porta Marina", the sea is right there. You can hear the distant shouts of the Buffalo boys from the ranches and see the thick nearby pinewood stretches along the endless beach.
You can reach the Gaira from there and holidays begin!

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  • Confortable bungalows huts are well hidden in the green foliage, large areas fit for parking roulottes. Tents can easily be put in the green underwood amoung the dunes.
  • Throughout the 30000 sq.m.m of the camping site the best service are to be found.
  • The Giara is close to the centre of Paestum, by the sea woth very fine sandybeach reserved for the guests.